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If you’re in the Edinburgh, Fife or Midlothian area and want some more space in your home, why not give David Love Property a call for a basement conversion? A cheaper and less stressful alternative to purchasing a new home, a basement conversion takes advantage of space you already have by transforming it into somewhere you can work, sleep, play or relax.

Give your basement and overhaul and add extra space and value to the property you love with an expertly executed basement conversion from the specialists at David Love Property. Experts in every aspect of the process, we can ensure that your conversion is up to standard, meets your design requirements and adds a wonderful touch of excellence thanks to the high-quality materials and workmanship.

Design and Planning

Our seasoned experts are well equipped to help you with the planning and design stages of your new basement conversion. With advice and expertise in everything from the architectural design and layout to the regulations, wiring and plumbing – we’ve got it all covered.


With years of experience and large teams who are dedicated to providing high-quality craftsmanship for affordable prices, the team here at David Love Property are the best choice for building your flawlessly planned and executed new basement conversion. Working quickly and with minimal disruption to your life, we’ll get everything sorted for you while keeping you informed throughout the process.


From lighting options to power outlets, we’ll take great care in ensuring that the electrical wiring is placed professionally and without cutting corners, allowing you to fully enjoy your new space and make the most of it.


Whether it’s for central heating, a kitchen area or a new or en-suite bathroom, our expert plumbers will ensure that the plumbing in your new conversion is high-quality, function and will last for years to come. We can plumb in sinks, washing machines, toilets, baths and central heating systems during the construction of your basement conversion.


A house isn’t truly a home without the finishing touches. After we’ve converted your basement and placed electrical wiring and plumbing, fitted partition stud walls and laid down the flooring of your choice, we’re more than happy to decorate the space however you wish. Whether it’s wallpaper or paint you want, we can ensure that the job is done well, right, fast and for a great price.

Thinking of converting your basement? Great! Just get in touch with a member of the team today to find out how we can help realise your dream space and why we’re the best choice for Edinburgh, Fife or Midlothian.