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Bifolding doors have increased in popularity in the UK.  Just watch any design programme and they will be featured as a must have in any renovation.  Why not have the lines between indoor and outdoor blurred, with these speciality doors. (Green with envy, if you actually have the opportunity to install these).  They are all the trend here in Edinburgh, with joiners gaining skills in fitting so many of them.

They create a flood of light into a property.  They trap heat in the winter.  They add value to any property.  They are not cheap, and price is determined by the number of panels and the materials used in the makeup of the doors.


So let’s talk about looks.  The doors are made of aluminium and wood are of a slim trim design, this make the doors look sleek and luxurious.  They are simple to use, glide open and shut.

The doors can configure let or right and have multiple combinations of up to 8 panes, of movable glass panels, with static panel’s also available, giving flexibility to have an opening positioned exactly where needed.  Endless options on colour and finishes make these doors really adaptable to anyone’s projects or renovations.

The doors can be installed without planning permission, in most cases, as they are not classed as a major modification to your home.  In spite of the fact, they look fabulous installed.

They are not cheap, but then I don’t think that was expected, due to the stylish look of them.  As a general rule factor in £600 for a small installation and £900 plus for a large installation, this is without the material cost of the doors.  But they are so worth the money.