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Our Edinburgh and Fife -wide damp proofing services offer our valued customers with a reliable and trusted service that reduces damage to the property as well as their own stress. We’re dedicated to providing first-class services far and wide throughout the area and have served countless happy customers.

From first-time damp proofing to management and repair, you can trust David Love Property’s expert builders to be able to properly asses, manage and eradicate damp issues in your property for a great price.

Whether it’s a basement, warehouse, office or residential home, our dedicated experts are on hand to help remove the unwanted dangers your damp brings to your rooms, walls and floors.  Our team of professionals use their knowledge and expertise to properly asses the dampness levels in order to advise you on the best possible procedure to help.

We provide both one-off services and ongoing maintenance to ensure that dampness is never a problem for you or your property again. If you’re in Edinburgh, Fife, Midlothian , Kirkcaldy , Glenrothes or Dunfermline and need someone to help you with a damp problem in your property, the David Love Property team are the best placed choice for high-quality you can trust at reasonable prices.

Integral Damp Proofing

Our builders are experts in a wide range of different methods to help eradicate damp issues, including integral damp proofing. It’s a common and cost-effective method that allows our builders to utilize a simple yet effective technique in order to quickly help with persistent damp issues. Waterproof materials are mixed with concrete to make an affordable and effective method for repair and maintenance for you damp proofing needs in Edinburgh, Fife and Midlothian.


The Damp Proof Course method is a great way to help with damp problems and is widely recommended in most cases by our expert builders. Our team can asses the level of damp and work towards placing DPC onto floor slabs to prevent moisture in wall interiors, saving you money and time on constant repairs by prevent rising damp.

Cavity Drainage System

A common and effective way to deal with damp in basements, the cavity drainage system utilises a simple methodology that sees a cuspated membrane placed into the walls so that moisture can drain downwards.

Our dedication to high quality service, expert advice and reasonable prices make us the best choice for your damp proofing needs. Call today for a no obligation quote or to find out more about the possible methods we can use.