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The scope of flooring now makes a home spoilt for choice. From traditional geometric shape flooring to bespoke unique superior choice of wider board flooring.

The material used to make flooring ranges from laminate to real wood. Which, of course, is reflected in the price paid.

Here at David Love Joinery, we will be with you every design step of the way.

Below are examples of the choices and materials available, just a few as the choices are vast, along with some considerations of use.

Laminate and luxury laminate

Changes in the manufacture of laminate has resulted in a relatively easy installation process, with a sturdy guaranteed flooring. The sophisticated printing process has resulted in a realistic wood effect from most laminate producers.

There are many finishes available, with pre cushioned planks, meaning there is no need for underlay and also has a noise reduction effect.

Strictly speaking the thickness of the plank will determine the luxury feel of the flooring; thickness also prolongs the life of the flooring.
Consideration here is that the thicker the plank the longer the life of the floor, however, the pricier the cost.

Tongue and groove pre glued, makes installation clean and speedy. Unglued means glue needs to be added takes a bit longer, however, once installed should last a good number of years.


Ceramic verses porcelain tiles, some points to consider.

Although coming from the same material source, the general consensus is that porcelain tile is more water-proof than ceramic. The cost difference is that porcelain will be more expensive, this is due to the higher manufacturing costs of these tiles. Porcelain will be a choice for high density rooms, bathrooms, swimming pools, hot tub rooms. In terms of flooring these tiles are ideal for underfloor heating systems as they conduct the heat very well.

Get in touch to discuss the myriad of options available to you. We are only too happy to help.