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The Do’s and Don’ts for adding or renovating a new Kitchen



Replacing or renovating a kitchen is a huge undertaking.  Putting as much thought and attention to detail will pay off when the kitchen is completed.  Therefore, here is a short list of do’s and don’ts, to get you started.




  • Think about the design of the rest of your property, how long is it going to stay as it is?  Keep the new kitchen in fitting with the rest of the décor.  Think long term to avoid unnecessary costs down the road.


  • Measure, measure, measure this needs to be done to precision.  Keep in mind the functionality of the kitchen, for instance the triangle model where the fridge, sink and cooker are triangulated for ease of use.  This goes to if you are thinking about an island in your kitchen make it functional.


  • Hire time served trades people.  Shop around, get quotes, get timings and insurance details.


  • Think storage, don’t skimp on the level of storage in your kitchen.  There are options to have a minimalist look with plenty of hidden storage.




  • Go for the latest trend in bright purple kitchens with lime green trim, without careful thought.  Trends come and go your kitchen won’t!


  • Forget the importance of your appliances and their sizes. Get all the appliances that you require before the kitchen is installed.  This should be an integral part of the planning stage. The cost of bespoke appliances is eye watering!


  • Forget the importance of the right flooring in your new kitchen it can lift up the kitchen which is great, or be like an ice rink, which is not so great.


***Happy renovating***